In Chanel land, girls are going crazy over flap bags and other timeless pieces.And we reckon that the brandЎЇs huge fanbase is too hard to ignore, so weЎЇre giving you another wonderful bag to fawn over ЁC itЎЇs the Pink Tiny Quilted Flap Bag! WeЎЇre going to focus on its unique design and form, which you will really love.
You may ask, Ў®whatЎЇs so special about this piece?ЎЇ Well, to put it simply, itЎЇs really Ў®bout the quilt ЁC if you could observe the classic flap bags, they have larger quilts on them. Of course, you canЎЇt just throw the cookie-cutter classics under the bus, but we gotta say that weЎЇre also impressed with the fine quilt on this piece. It gives the bag more dimension and texture, which most of us would surely dig. Also, if youЎЇd notice the hardware on the bag, itЎЇs also different. The iconic Ў®CCЎЇ seems to come in alive in an embellished metal finish, along with the bagЎЇs chains and pieces.

Besides the smooth leather, the print is very important. Measuring 4.9Ўд x 9.1Ўд x 2.8Ўд inches,the Chevron print creates a classic appeal while the interwoven chain link in golden hardware screams luxury. The extra CHANEL PARIS charm adds a little uniqueness to it.
Comparable to the Classic Flap Bag online and well-priced for a Chanel bag, why are you still waiting?I personally love the chain. Their gold is so rich that it matches my 916 braceletЎЇ.
Mrs Jahn just bought her own this month in stunning pink color and golden hardware. HereЎЇs what she said: Ў®Just got my Chanel Chevron Quilted in Rose Pink from Milano and I must say majority of my girlfriends just lurveeee the colour. review review  
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