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Handbag - not only for storing personal items, but also can reflect a person’s identity, status, economic status and even personality, and so on. A carefully selected purses have a finishing touch, will you decorate it into a real white-collar

new arrivals fauxWomen like boutique bags are not a couple of years of history, and some imitation brand package do have more excellent, so it’s hard to identify true and false, the only thing people like is the fine imitation bag prices to attract them, making fake cards Bags Sales have been good.

High imitation bags after years of development, technology, production and marketing chain is already very advanced and complete, but in the minds of many people that the A cargo is imitation goods, in fact, this is a wrong understanding. After so many years of high Rapid development, high quality imitation replica bags have greatly improved than a decade ago, high imitation replica handbags is no longer just "A" stock. Super A grade products market, indicating a high level of imitation handbags improved Many, realistically speaking, the goods imitation goods A upgrade from super A cargo, the quality is indeed improved a lot, mainly reflected in:

1, the product of the material has a very big difference, such as the use of fabric, they will be more realistic fabric pattern, durability will be enhanced, compared to A cargo, the president of the life of many; while its color, feel also improved a lot, rather than A as cargo, just in ordinary fabric printed a few simple pattern.

2, the hardware is basically made of copper, AB goods because of the cost, hardware part of such zippers, rings, and some use plastic or poor quality hardware, while the ultra-A level is different, generally applied to quality Better hardware, more beautiful and durable.
3, workmanship, super A-level workmanship than A cargo came not too obvious, if carefully examined, you will find there are many unhappy place, such as walking on the white line, at the corners of the convergence can be seen by comparison obvious problems.

JewelryThe past two years, brand bags on the market also appeared higher degree of simulation of a product than one level, understand from the text, it seems to be exactly the same product with the counter product, in fact, this is a little misunderstanding, one to one rating of Products are generally purchasing counter genuine imitation, used fabric, hardware, accessories are also very high-end, high imitation the highest degree can reach 98%, this product is almost the same as the authentic. So more and more people buy Replica Designer Handbags .

Every woman dreams of owning various popular handbag brands, but only the rich and lucky few are fortunate enough. No woman will ever say "I have enough bags, I do not need any more." Women can never have enough handbags.Here are the Top Purses which are Most Expensive,These brands guarantee to provide you fashion-oriented accessories, jewelry, and shoes. They are famous the world over for presenting distinctive products that match the personality of all the women. A handbag, being an important accessory, is that the females love to be stylish and beautiful. Hermes,Prada,Chloe......Except for Versace and Montblanc are also popular in usa

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