Who does not like a great replica handbags store with a wonderful and very large fake LV bag, right? I worship and other sites RelishBuy.com who focus on their full attention to providing the market's best to copy the design and quality.

I do not know about you, but my first visit to this site in April was into my mind is the first and one thing "This is some kind of April Fool's Day Christmas banners?" I still do not have this problem answer, but after a few days the flag is still the same, I think it's just that they forgot to change it without errors. really? In the past four months, they have no opportunity to replace a banner? I really do not think so

Now, with respect to its products - the company sells only Louis Vuitton products is actually really great LV fans. This site has everything: handbags, wallets, scarves, and belts, both for men and women. The store also uses the LV logo and its design. Background famous LV monogram, and the site has iconic LV brown and beige color scheme. This page looks very beautiful, elegant, plus it is easy to use, and very friendly.

In RelishBuy.com replica handbags have a pretty good price. These start at $ LV wallet 100- $ 130, and rise to $ 150- $ 300 for the replica handbags. Honestly, some of the price is relatively low, if indeed handbags are made of genuine leather.

All these fake purses have a very good structure and a detailed description page mentioned all the important parts of handbags, the materials used to make them, color, function and marking. Although the description is really good, the product pictures are not great. The main problem is that there are no additional photos. Each purse has only one main image. No other pictures to show the various angles of handbags, medial, brochure or logo.

RelishBuy.com offers free shipping on all orders, regardless of the country of destination. These packages with the environmental management system, and the expected delivery time is 5-7 working days. There is also a quicker alternative is available, but it is not free. You can choose UPS, DHL and TNT to send the order, it costs $ 30 and will arrive 3-4 business days.

The company can process payments by the Visa and MasterCard. Unfortunately, any other method of payment support, I really do not understand why. This is not normal or a professional credit card payments only choice. There are many people out there who are very careful about their cards, will not use it to buy replica bags online. As another method Western Union or bank wire should be available.

RelishBuy.com not provide satisfactory policy. If you receive a copy of the company's package, you do not like it, then you can not return, a full refund. You can only if they have been sent the wrong product to your return refund or replacement. In addition, the return of respect for the conditions of all products must be shipped back within the first 5 days of delivery.

This store does not have what I usually call customer service. For me, customer service is communication with the company's site, and one way without delay complications. This means that almost every time a contact phone, chat and e-mail address. Unfortunately, only a contact form on the website and a Gmail account, you can use to reach the customer service department.

I do not believe RelishBuy.com is good and decent reputation, as it may appear. I'm worried about is that it does not deal with the exchange or refund if you do not like the product. It is time to accept returns, only a copy of the ship you an error wallet. Then there is not a maintenance policy, only accepts credit card payments, instead of providing a professional customer service issue of.

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