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We all know that luxury bags are expensive, especially for people of the ordinary income class, it is relatively difficult to buy a genuine one. But seeing people all over the street carrying these big-name bags, especially when someone in my circle of friends occasionally posts it, or even swears in front of me, it really embarrassing me! There are also some people who usually use genuine products, because they like bags very much, but they are reluctant to spend 20,000 to 30,000 yuan to buy a bag, so they think of the A bag. However, it is a bag that is not genuine after all, will it be shameful to carry it out? Jiawei SSGGCTH Tens of thousands of styles for you to choose from

In fact, non-professionals cannot see the real high-quality A cargo package, and it is difficult for professionals to see without research and comparison. After all, the A product is no longer the street stall product A three years ago. For example, the classic styles and best-selling styles have already been thoroughly researched and developed by the factory, and some people even compare them at the counters and can’t see the difference. !

So, what are the quality differences and grades of the A package?

A goods, the lowest level of imitation goods, can only be similar in shape. The main material used is ordinary PU, which is composed of plastic. Most of the hardware accessories can find rust spots or burrs. The appearance of the bag is not beautiful and the handwork is very poor , the stitches are messy, you can see the broken lines everywhere, and the places where the lines are spliced, these bags can be seen at a glance by friends who do not have common sense. Not hard to differ. The 100 yuan in the night market is generally A goods.

Super A product looks a bit like it at first glance, but due to the low cost, the material is still mainly PU, perhaps with a leather part with poor leather, the hardware part looks shiny, but it is still possible to look carefully. It is found that the burrs are very uneven and the electroplating is very uneven. The presbyopia leather is generally made of domestic leather, which has a stiff feel, dark color, and poor handwork and stitching. It is still relatively easy to see the obvious difference between the original and the genuine. Goods are not difficult to differentiate.

1 to 1, basically according to the original version, the manual part can meet the requirements of most people, the stitches are relatively uniform as a whole, and some parts are matched to the flower, and the hardware will only fade or fade after a long time. , Some materials have used domestic good materials or even imported materials, but the iconic discolored leather part is replaced by yellow cowhide or other leather that does not change color. Since ordinary users are not very familiar with the product, they do not know much about the quality of such bags. Therefore, friends who generally buy imitations buy one-for-one bags, and many merchants use one-for-one goods as original leather or even genuine products.

Original leather: Most of the manufacturers of original leather A goods come back from the original goods or buy genuine old goods to differentiate and make plates. Therefore, in general, the original leather bag will match the flower to the version, and the main material is usually presbyopic leather from South Korea or Taiwan. The fidelity is not much different from the genuine one. It is equipped with imported discolored top layer leather, commonly known as white leather. It will become darker and will change color immediately if wiped with water or a damp cloth. The accessories are also mostly imported YKK zippers, so the handwork and stitching are almost not much different from the genuine ones. Some products from good quality manufacturers really need experts to differentiate the quality. However, the main hardware parts are due to cost and The reason for the output and profit is still a little different from the genuine one. Originally, a genuine bag is on average tens of thousands of yuan. The original leather products look very pleasing to the eye. The main thing is to avoid black-hearted purchasing and use these bags to pretend to be genuine bags and sell them to you!

Bags made of original leather are generally called “high-end quality” on the market. They are hand-stitched with precision and have a first-class texture. Since the daily output is not much and they are all made of high-quality materials, the price remains high. I love it. Bag friends, this kind of bag is worth collecting.

Does the original factory order really exist?

Although there are many good foundries in our country, the brands that have the courage to ship are kept secret. How many factories of the international first-line brands dare to stand up and say that they are foundry? According to the time and experience of the brand foundry, I will introduce to us which brands have genuine original orders and which ones do not.

LV: This brand is one of the best cutting-edge A products in my country. The quality and the counter are indistinguishable. There is no original order to buy.

Chanel: The bags of this brand really don’t have the original order, and some are also foreign, but I don’t know if they are true or not. Because the factory is not generally strict in terms of supervision, and many are not in my country, in other Southeast Asian countries, some key processes will also be completed in a small part in Europe. Now some of them are advanced customization, and various customizations can meet people with different needs. Some people say that Western European customization (the price is high), but some people really believe it? In fact, they are all made in China, but it does not hinder the good quality at all. For people with bulging wallets, it’s not a problem to buy something so-called Western European customization, but for working class like us, I think cost performance is the most important, ordinary people can honestly buy A goods and be satisfied. , and then save some money to buy the original.

GUCCI: Some models have original bills, but most do not.

Dior: There is no original order for this brand either. To say that the original leather is available, but the real original order is shipped from the foundry, and I dare not take it out at all.

CELINE: In the last few years, we have only started OEM in my country and Vietnam. The supply of goods is not as stable as PRADA, the quantity is not much, and the styles are even less, but it is good to have the original order. We ask not too much.

MIUMIU: Same as PRADA, there are also many foundries. Since it entered the foundry industry in my country relatively early, sometimes it will come out earlier than the counter. Is this the real original order?

Burberry: The same is true for OEMs, and the original orders are relatively easy to get, and there are also many A-stocks. We need to look at the sellers and then sell them to ensure that the original orders are genuine.

BV: There is absolutely no original order. There are original leathers that are purely hand-woven (advanced customization). In fact, this thing has to be hand-knitted anywhere, and the handwork is almost the same. It’s good to spend a little money to buy one that is affordable, very good.

Prada: There are many foundries. Basically, the original order is relatively easy to get, and it is also divided into pure original order and assembled goods. However, there are few original orders on the market, and more A goods. Most of the goods sold with the original picture of the A goods are indistinguishable by ordinary people anyway.

about the price

The price difference of imitation products is very large, and the price cannot be regarded as a simple style. Because of the same product, some can reach 2-3 thousand, while some are only tens of yuan. The workmanship and materials are different. It is also impractical to compare prices horizontally. However, I can definitely say that, except in specialty stores, any other bag is fake. Don’t listen to the seller saying that you are a defective product in XX country. The specialty store strictly controls its products, and even the defective products will not leak out. of. Unless it is personal processing idle, otherwise don’t feel that 3000-5000 yuan to buy is genuine. In fact, those are also A goods, it is nothing more than taking advantage of the buyer’s high price to seek genuine products and indiscriminately asking for prices.

Finally, I hope this article of mine can help you. I know that you all really want to buy a high-quality bag that suits you.

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