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Brand-name bags have won the love of many people with their advanced design and fashionable appearance. So what are the brand-name bags? Maigoo editor believes that the world’s well-known luxury bags include Hermes, LV, Chanel, Gucci, Prada and so on. Although brand-name bags are beautiful, they are also very expensive, so we should pay attention to careful identification when purchasing, and do not buy fake bags. Buying designer bags also need regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking good. How to maintain luxury bags? Next, let’s learn about the maintenance of luxury bags with Xiaobian!

Does it make sense to buy designer bags?
As one of the high-end luxury goods, brand-name bags have a beautiful appearance, but also have a price that ordinary people can’t afford in one breath, although with the rise of everyone’s material living standards, buying one or two brand-name bags is no longer a thing. It’s difficult, but does it make sense for ordinary people to buy luxury bags? Many people have raised this question. In fact, Maigoo net editor believes that shopping should be based on your own needs. The value contained in a brand-name bag is not only the bag itself, but also the brand-name effect attached to it. A suitable brand-name bag, which can be used daily and is happy, why not do it? Of course, the editor is not advocating the purchase of luxury goods. If you feel that the value of the brand-name bag is not worth its price, then don’t buy it. If you buy it back, you will feel that it is a loss and it is not worth it.

Why are designer bags so expensive?

The price of a brand-name bag mainly includes two aspects. One is the quality of the bag itself. Needless to say, the brand-name bags produced by luxury brands are made of the best materials and developed by professional designers. . The second is the value contained in the brand, so you will find that many luxury brands not only pay attention to the quality of products, but also pay attention to the concept of the brand, because these two are the two basic elements of its commodity value.

Designer Bag Logos and Graphics

  1. Hermes HERMÈS

Hermès first started as a harness, so the Hermès logo uses a person pulling a carriage, while the French capital HERMÈS is used below.

  1. Louis Vuitton LV

The logo of LV is very simple and direct. It is a logo formed by using the English capital letters “L” and “V” to cross together. Some of them will also have the full English name of the brand “LOUIS VUITTON” printed below.


I believe everyone is familiar with Chanel’s logo. It uses the pattern of the English letter “C” which is reversed and reversed, so many fans affectionately call it the “double C logo”.

how to buy designer bags
Where to buy luxury bags

  1. Purchasing from a purchasing agency

We can find trusted brand-name bags to buy brand-name bags, because if you buy them directly from abroad, you can save a tariff fee, and some brand-name bags can get rebates when you buy them overseas, so it’s a good way to buy them. .

2, own overseas shopping

If you think that you may buy counterfeit products when you buy from a purchasing agency, you can also log on to the Haitao website to buy it yourself. Now there are many domestic Haitao websites, and it is not difficult to use. You can buy it yourself on Haitao.com

  1. Purchase from counters or specialty stores

Now many internationally renowned luxury brands have established specialty stores in my country, and there are usually brand counters set up in major shopping malls, so we can go to the counters or specialty stores to buy, so as to avoid buying imitations.

Luxury bag purchase attention

  1. Price

After all, luxury goods are luxury goods. You must be cautious before purchasing luxury goods with a huge gap from the original price. It may be a defective product, second-hand luxury goods or counterfeit goods.

  1. Seller

Online shopping can not see the real sample, it is very important to choose the seller who buys the famous brand package online. Don’t blindly trust some large online shopping websites, try to choose professional luxury shopping agents, luxury boutiques, luxury brand sales outlets, etc.

How to identify luxury bags

  1. Material details

The hardware of designer bags should have specific markings, textures and weights. Genuine hardware looks simple and elegant, and the leather is soft. The imitation hardware feels lightweight and the zipper can get stuck. Looking at the details is the most basic part of how to identify the authenticity of luxury goods.

Second, the code identification

Every luxury bag has its own proof of origin, the code. The code is generally printed on the bag, and fake luxury goods generally do not bother to do such a code. Consumers may wish to pay attention to look for such codes to identify.

  1. Commodity packaging

Luxury brands generally have original packaging, including exclusive dust jackets, packaging boxes, and brand-specific linings. These exquisite and professional outer packaging accessories not only reflect the dignity of luxury goods, but also the quality of details that are difficult to replicate in imitations.

The editor of buying and purchasing luxury goods reminds everyone to pay attention: with the development of high-quality imitation luxury goods production technology, some fake brand-name bags can even be as real as the fake ones. identification.

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