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www.sgbagmall.com Created on 2012-02-12 .I found there are many used brand handbags on this site.most of them are expensive. one LOUIS VUITTON PF. EMILIE DAMIER EBENE wallet is $200 . Louis Vuitton Damier Trevi GM is $1300. people can sell their used items on this site ,but i dont know whether all of them are real items

www.sgbagmall.com site description:A member of TheSGMall.com,view the widest variety of designer bags here by all our members.you can also rent designer bags listed by our members here.some members also list their products for exchange.if you have something you have not used for a long time, you can consider listing it here for rent, sale, exchange or even give it away.join us as a member for free no


FAQ for www.sgbagmall.com

Qn 1: Do I need to pay to join Singapore Bag Mall as a member?
Absolutely not. We will never ask for membership fees even in the future!
Whats more! Your free membership even gives you access to all malls under TheSGMall.com group

Qn 2: Is there any fees involved when I post an item on Singapore Bag Mall?
No fees for normal posting of items.

Qn 3: Do I need to join as a member in order to post an item?
Yes. We need you to sign up our free membership in order to start posting items. Your free membership even gives you access to all malls under TheSGMall.com group

Qn 4: Are the items posted here owned by Singapore Bag Mall
We do post any items on the website. All items are posted by our members. To make an enquiry, please use this How to buy or contact seller guide.

Qn 5: How do I contact a member if I am interested in their items?
You can contact a member by using either our interface or via the Facebook Comment plugin which we have provided. For more information, please refer to How to buy or contact seller

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