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Legality: Keep in mind the manufacturing and sale of items that infringe on copyright is illegal in the United States and internationally. Purchasing counterfeit items does not fall under the same category when in small quantities and for personal use. It is unlikely that anyone will fall under criminal or civil scrutiny for ordering a pair of replicas, however customs has every right to confiscate the items if found entering the US.

Quality: Most replica websites order shoes from the same factory. Meaning that in most cases it doesn¡¯t matter where your order from, you¡¯re likely to receive products of the same quality and origin. Check youtube reviews for the kicks you want before ordering to make sure you get what you pay for.

Price: Price varies a lot from site to site. You can cop the same pair of replica kicks for $50 or $200 depending on what site you order from. Shipping and payment fees should be considered as well. One site may offer low prices but high shipping. Another may offer high prices and free shipping. Try to balance all the factors before choosing a site.

Trustworthiness: Rep sites can pop up and disappear overnight. Before ordering, check youtube and search google to find out if others have had a good experience ordering from them. It isn¡¯t impossible to order, pay and never get your products. We tend to pay only by credit card. Paying by credit card allows you to file a claim if you don¡¯t receive the goods, but keep in mind, ordering counterfeit goods, even shoes, is a legal grey area and you might not get your money back even then.

People often ask us what website sells the best replica Jordans? We don¡¯t know simply because there are so many out there, but here are the sites we have ordered from.

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