Replica handbags,purses has a huge market potential all over the world.Why do so many people like to buy replica handbags?

1 many people cannot afford the real brand handbags

With ever growing popularity of replica handbags, there is an even greater number of manufacturers out there attempting to create the same handbags. Replica handbags are not just illegal to buy & sell, they insult the very designers that work hard to create bags that suit each woman's desires. Replica handbags are usually found at road side stands & flea markets, and they are available to those who cannot afford the real thing, and for this reason I understand the need for them, but many sellers are not just selling these bags at a discounted price, they are jacking up the prices and attempting to pass them off as authentic. For those of us who save up our money so we can afford the real thing, getting ripped off is the last thing we want to happen. If we are going to spend an upwards of $400 on a Coach bag, you bet I want it to be authentic. The average replica handbag can be purchased for $20-$40, $40 being the most pricey, and if you ask me, which if you are reading this, you are< _ > ,even $40 is too much to spend on a knock-off.

2 the quality of replica handbags getting better and better

The designers of these replica handbags are getting better & better, and they are using better manufacturing so it is getting more difficult to tell them apart from the real deal.there are many Coach,Gucci,LouisVuitton,Michael Kors,Prdada,celine,tory burch,kate spade...... replica handbags on ebay,iffoer...... the buyer cannot spot which is the real handbags,so there are many article about that .example:"How To Spot A Fake Luxury LouisVuitton handbags" "How to spot a fake COACH bag" "HOW TO SPOT A FAKE MICHAEL KORS (MK)" . it is too difficult to do this,so if you dont know how to do it ,why dont you just buy a good quality of replica handbags or buy the new real brand handbags. review   YSL knockoff bags review review  
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