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Payment Methods


Since you made the payment successfully, you can contact us.

1. Payment Via Credit or Debit Card
  • We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit card payments from most locations worldwide. Paying by credit card or debit card is safe, easy and convenient at our store.
2. Payment Via Western Union Transfer
  • No transaction fee included into your order
  • First Name : ShuiBing
  • Last Name : Zhou
  • City : Shenzhen
  • State : Guangdong
  • Country : China
The accept Credit / Debit card & Bank account, you can send money online, Go to Pay>>, or go to Western Union agent at your city and make payment to: As soon as you send us money by Western Union, you must send us your Western Union senders full name and MTCN code (which is located on the receipt of the Western Union form), you can send us by email or you can fill electronic form at: Fill up Payment form Upon approval of your payment information, your transaction will be sent.

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