On December 5, according to several close friends and colleagues, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had informed them that he planned to move from California to Texas.

In fact, Musk's tendency to move to Texas has long been a sign. In May of this year, Musk listed his house and other assets in California for sale while he was debating with state lawmakers on the new crown pneumonia epidemic restrictions. At the same time, Musk is also expanding business in Texas and establishing closer ties with Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

Musk is now the second richest person in the world after Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos), and often travels to Texas. He spends most of his time between Austin and the coastal village called Boca Chica, where Austin is where Tesla and the tunneling startup The Boring Company operate, and Boca Chica is a number of SpaceX facilities location.

If it is said that under the special system of the Super League, losing the championship in one game, it is still barely understandable. Then Evergrande’s performance in the AFC Champions League can only be described as horrible. Team fighting spirit and morale, game content and scores are not satisfactory. Moreover, the AFC opponents of South Korea's Suwon Samsung are still participating in the entire Korean class, most of which are only U23 players. In this case, Evergrande still failed to advance, and the game was worse than the game. The anger of Boss Xu can be imagined, so the two announcements are actually two accountability treatments. The former general manager was directly dismissed, and Zheng Zhi became the new general manager. The original head coach responsibility system was changed to the general manager responsibility system, that is, Cannavaro has lost the power to control the team, and the only thing waiting for the Italian is to negotiate how to break up peacefully.

In the past, the “head coach responsibility system under the leadership of the chairman” implemented by the Evergrande club was based on the team’s head coach as the center. Big, everything except the boss's decision is the boss's final decision. But now ;the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the chairman;, the team is centered on the general manager, and any work of the head coach must follow the arrangements of the general manager, so Cannavaro has basically been emptied.

But no matter what, Evergrande did not officially announce Cannavaro's dismissal, so the Italian is at least nominally the team coach. The next thing Evergrande Club will do is probably how to negotiate the breakup with Kashuai. Evergrande signed a five-year contract with Cannavaro in 2018. At present, there are still two years of contract remaining. Since there are no hard-won championship and performance indicators in the contract, Evergrande’s early dismissal of Kashuai is in principle required to pay liquidated damages. In other words, you need to pay the remaining two years of annual salary. Of course, in football almost every season, many coaches leave get out of class. Even if the two sides have a contract, they can break up peacefully through negotiation. For example, Lippi resigned in the national football team last year because he felt that he had poor performance in leading the team.




























Ka Shuai led the team for three years. In terms of performance, he is indeed difficult to persuade. This season created the worst result in the history of the team, and he created the worst season against the team in 2018. The team has indeed played a lot of good games in the past three years, but the overall performance is not stable enough, even if it won the Super League championship last season, it was only after bumping into it at the last moment. Of course, Kashuai has also cultivated many young players for the team, and also brought out the hottest local star Wei Shihao in the Super League. But Evergrande has always attached great importance to results. With such a huge investment and such a large team, Kashuai only won the Super League championship once in three years. Evergrande does not recognize it. And it does not match his huge annual salary of 12 million euros.

Now that Evergrande has made Zheng Zhi's decision to become the first person in charge of the club and the team, Cannavaro's departure is almost a matter of time, just hope that the Italians can get together with the club.




























Have you ever been to an expensive leather bag showing a small crack, shiny increasingly dim, fade-out and distressed it, the following maintenance on leather bags to bring you some ways to make leather bags and maintenance. 

1, leather bag should be regularly sent to a professional leather shop stop enjoying their thorough cleaning and disinfection. Specialized equipment in the process of cleaning leather package, will attend to mold, sterilization agents, all kinds of bacteria, mold completely clear. 

2, if there is juice on leather bags, to immediately with a clean cloth or sponge to wipe dry juice, if desired, can be heated with a rag gets wiped clean juice, let the leather dry naturally. If there is oil, use a clean cloth to wipe the surface of the oil, let the rest of the oil slowly into leather, do not use water to wiping grease on leather bags. 

3, leather bags encounter rain and damp or moldy attack, use a soft dry cloth to remove water stains or mildew. But do not rubbed with water and gasoline, since water can harden leather, leather oil to make gasoline evaporation and dry. 

4, we have to note on the power of love package to dry, store in a cool ventilated place. Do not exposure, broiled, washed, sharp object impact and exposure to chemical solvents. Because leather bags without any water treatment process, wet bags, please wipe dry with a soft cloth to prevent the stain or watermark surface wrinkles. If used in a rainy day, should pay special attention. 

5, leather bags do not, it is best to hang up; flat for hours to prevent other things flattened wrinkling, affecting appearance. 

6, with a clean sponge with a mild soap solution or liquor, alcohol after wiping the dirt, then wipe with water, then let the leather dry naturally. If the stain is stubborn, it may use the detergent solution to deal with, but you must be careful wiping, to avoid damage to the leather surface. Try not to let the leather goods contact or close any heater with sunlight, otherwise the leather will become more and more dry, and the flexibility and softness of the leather will slowly disappear. 

7, leather bags and then keep some thorough cleansing, which adhere to its original appearance and extend the life of clothing has an important role. Before collection of leather bags to dry in the shade and understanding about boring place. To make leather bags in a long time insisted beautiful color, before the collection can be coated with a layer of milk or glycerol in the skin surface, so that we can long-term storage without color. 

8 Do not use shoe polish. Be careful to protect the bag of metal parts, wet and salty environments can cause oxidation. Leather purses when not in use, the best place to save on behalf of cotton, not put plastic bags because plastic bag ventilation, make the leather too dry and damaged. The bag stuffed with some of the best soft toilet paper to keep the shape of purses. If no suitable bag, old pillow is also very suitable. Leather bags and shoes, is another type of active substances, both use the same bag every day, it is likely to cause fatigue cortex flexibility, so as to be like shoes, several interactive use; leather bag if you do not accidentally get wet , to use a dry towel dry water, which then plug some newspapers, magazines and the like dry stuff, do not direct exposure to the sun, it will make your beloved bag fade, deformation. 

9, the heart should protect all metal parts and zippers to prevent oxidation of metal accessories. 

10, be careful, if mistakenly spend textured cleaner, powder detergent or organic cleaning solution, etc., can cause varying degrees of damage to the leather. Daily cleaning and maintenance with a mild soap solution is sufficient (and then wiping it with a cloth moistened into, do not wash the leather immersion in water). Leather cleaner to find the effect on the market is also very good, and contains a lubricant, can keep the softness of the leather itself. Stubborn dirt may use a mild detergent to deal with, or need professional cleaning. If you have a worn leather bag case, can be coated with colorless, non-greasy leather care cream, let it trickle back, and then a clean, soft cloth to polish, you can make leather reproduce the bright and shiny, you can prevent the leather drying .