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Handbags are usually used as luxury goods to convey people's status. In Pakistan in the 20th century, seamstresses might embroider a dowry purse included in the show before the wedding. In Paris in the 18th century, the artist's workshop tried to use a technique called sable (meaning covered with sand) to wrap a small purse in beads, which made the price extremely expensive.

Although designed for beauty, some handbags also reflect the reality of war: for example, H. Wald and Co. designed a reptile leather tote bag that can subtly cover up the gas masks ordered by the British during World War II.

Moreover, although handbags are traditionally associated with women, men also benefit from handbags. Between 1587 and 1591, Sir Christopher Hatton, Judge of the Court of Elizabeth I, probably used a "fake" made of silk, silver-plated gold thread, and sequins to hold the Queen Tudor's silver watch strap. The belt is used to wax and seal laws and announcements on official ornaments.

In Japan in the 18th century, men wore roses, multi-layer containers or belts hung from the containers, with personal seals, ink pads, and medicines. According to the statement, the inro in the V&A exhibition includes compartments for storing liver sedative kanryo and saiko for aphrodisiac. The exhibition also shows a bright red shipping box, which Churchill used when he was Secretary of State of the Colony in the early 1920s.

Building a bridge between personal and political, some handbags are designed to show individuality. In 1827, an abolition advocacy organization called the Birmingham Women's Association created a black netted pouch with a portrait of a black slave woman caring for her child. Women in society use bags such as these to carry and distribute anti-slavery campaign materials.

As Olivia Petter pointed out in a review of The Independent, the V&A exhibition also displayed a series of impressive modern bags that will be available to fashion-savvy visitors Impressed, including the original Birkin bag made by Hermes for actress Jane Birkin in 1984. The design is also notorious for some of the most expensive handbags in the world. ) Also includes the iconic purple sequin Fendi wallet, Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker) in the key "Sex and the City" (Sex and the City) episode wearing Carrie Bradshaw (Carrie Bradshaw). During the robbery, the character corrects a thief who is trying to steal her accessories: she claims that this is more than just a "bag". "This is baguette."