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I went online, searched for an online store that can deliver a replica of the medium size Gucci Soho and I placed the order for it without doing any research about this beautiful bag. When I received it I noticed that it was made of brown ebony canvas. It is what I ordered, it looks beautiful but Gucci only made these purses in metallic leather, regular leather, metallic python leather and denim. So my bag not only is fake, but anyone can notice that. I have to admit that this is only my fault; I should have researched before ordering the bag.

The embossed interlocking G letters logo and the tassel detail really define the Gucci Soho Dark Brown bag. Available in two sizes, medium and large, it is considerable spacious. The large size measures 16.5W x 14.2H x 8.3D and the medium one is 13.8W x 11.4H x 6.7D. For me the medium size is big enough, I definitely dont need the large one. They offer two kinds of handles for this bag model, leather and chain. I dont like the chain ones because it is harder to wear the bag, especially if it is heavy.

As I already told you my Gucci Soho replica bag is made of brown ebony canvas. I had it to work yesterday and all my stuff got inside without any problem. The canvas fabric seems real, it has the correct color, the correct firm and smooth texture, and it doesnt shine too much like cheap replicas do. I havent noticed any stitching defect, or any other obvious difference between my bag and the genuine one.