Nicole Lee, an LA based handbag company, had its first launch in 2004. Since then, the company has quickly emerged into the mainstream gaining never-ending recognition from magazine editor¡¯s to Handbag 101 Pro¡¯s.

With unique designs and funky details, Nicole Lee has created a collection that is continuously pushing the envelope when it comes to hot fashion trends. ¡°We believe fashion should be fun and refreshing."

Nicole Lee defines Fashion as: ¡°An ever changing entity that is consistently incorporating cultural and social traits in its designs.¡±

Created with Top quality fabric and detailed craftsmanship, Nicole Lee handbags are not shy on the shelves. With aggressive and fashion forward designs, Nicole lee aspires to take the world of handbags to a whole new level.

This young and hyper-creative design team uses its inspiration of European runways, NY¡¯s intense dynamic lifestyle and of course LA¡¯s casual yet trendy street fashion to develop its unique and ground braking collection. Nicole Lee takes great pride in creating high-end contemporary bags for chic¡¯s that know and appreciate fashion.

You can find Nicole lee collection in thousands of fine boutique shops throughout the state and abroad such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Rome, Madrid and many more. With our loyal customers pledging overwhelming support, Nicole Lee is on a venture to take on the new era of


As you go out with friends and family, you get amazing comments about your hot new buys and the great deals you got. You are feeling stylish and smart. Finally, your "traveler" girlfriend just got back from her trip to France. You show her your new bags and told her the deals you got. She looked and told you she loved the style, and asked if you knew they were fake. You did not....

Fake brand name handbags such as Coach, Louis Vuitton and Hermes Bikin are continually being confiscated by the US Customs and Border Protection Department (CPB). In March of 2013, in just two shipments to Los Angeles, an estimated 14 million dollars worth of counterfeit Hermes Birkin Bags were taken by officers and import specialists of the CBP. Again, on September 27, 2013 and at the same port 16,000 of the same Hermes brand were seized. Nationwide, approximately $1.26 billion worth of counterfeit goods originated overseas with the top country being China, according to the CBP.

Exciting as it may be to purchase a fake brand name handbag for the "look" of having one, do not do it! The luxury item makers are hunting down the sellers of the fake purses. You wouldn't want to be a buyer when an undercover agent came in! That is what is happening in Detroit. Purse cops are going into small businesses, shops and gas stations, (yes, gas stations) in the Detroit area and purchasing a Coach handbag, while counting the other items in stock. Then Coach sues, as is their legal right, the business for copyright infringement.

The sellers of the knockoffs say they are not promoting them as real and that their customers are not stupid. Defense lawyers say these are scare tactics used to stop the increasing amount of importing and/or selling fake handbags. Regardless, Coach plans to carry out a planned operation to sue anyone trafficking in counterfeit Coach products, for up to two million dollars or more!

What if you want to buy a fake Brand name purse for the look? It is your business! It does not matter to you if it is real or not! Before you go on your next trip to Chinatown in New York for your happy deals, you better check the city law!


According to an article in the Huffington Post , the New York City Council in is initiating a bill to fine buyers up to $1,000. Even worse, you could get up to a year in prison! Many comments came in from previous visitors or future tourists asking what would happen if they didn't know the laws? How could they get caught? It is part of their fun every time they visit. It is tradition! Losing a thousand dollars or ending up in prison is not a fun or happy tradition. Make sure you know what is going on with that bill/law before you take the risk.

This bill is, of course, very controversial, even within the City Council itself. A year prison sentence for buying a knockoff? Please... However, the laws they have set in place for the sellers have decreased the amount of counterfeit product in the area. The residents that live there are very happy. The Council said it would make the campaign to inform the buyers very visible so they would be aware of the risk they are taking. For now, it is still the sellers risks, but beware buyers, something is coming.

Gone are the easy days of the trip to New York, loading up on the knockoffs and bringing them back for the brand name purse parties... They are still there for now but the goods are much harder and trickier to get. Sometimes you do not even get to see choices before you buy. It is risky adventure, but soon, will it be worth the risk? It it worth the risk now?

Next time we will chat about tricks and the latest technology to identify counterfeit handbags. We will also shed the light on the difference between the terms knockoffs, designer inspired and others.