How to Spot Replica Burberry Handbags

Due to their popularity and high cost, knowing how to identify replica Burberry handbags can save you a small fortune and/or a broken heart.

Burberry is a design house best known for its unique plaid-patterned handbags. The most popular Burberry bags are the Plaid Classic Check and the Plaid Nova Check. They¨re both made from Vinyl coated canvas; a strong, durable and stain resistant material. It should feel as strong and as thick as leather but will have a grainy feel.

Although some manufacturers of replica Burberry handbags have become quite savvy at copying the originals, the one thing to be a certain giveaway is the price. You should also be able to identify replica Burberry handbags by studying the patterns, materials and craftsmanship.

, Authentic Burberry handbags are priced from the mid two hundreds all the way up into the thousands of dollars. Research your bag online to get a sense of a price range. Check out a number of sources. This'll give you a bearing as to what it's worth. Authentic Burberry bags will not sell below this range. The level of quality materials and work that go into every bag prevent it from becoming significantly devalued.

, Pay attention to the stripes and patterns. They must be completely straight, clean and they must match on all sides of the bag. Replica Burberry handbags are often off-center and misaligned due to lack of precision.

, In any detailed pattern, the tinier the details, the more likely for colors to bleed into each other in the places with the finest amount of details. Burberry patterns are very tightly detailed, and if the colors appear to be bleeding into other, then this a major red flag.

, Classic Check and Nova Check patterns run horizontally and vertically in perfect parallel lines, forming perfectly symmetrical squares. The patterns should meet and continue flawlessly around the sides.

, The quilted pattern should consist of equal sized diamond shapes that are made by a series of parallel diagonal lines, similar in color and design to the Classic and Nova Checks. On authentic quilted pattern Burberry bags, horizontal seams cut the diagonals to create neat triangle shapes.

, Burberry has a reputation for impeccable attention to detail and exquisite workmanship. From the perfection of their lines and patterns, to the last piece of thread.

, Usually a good way to identify replica Burberry handbags is by the stitching. Authentic bags have straight, evenly spaced and aligned stitching. It is very rare to find fakes that have flawless stitch-work.



, The leathers and fabrics are cut evenly. Watch for areas where seams are sewn down and double-stitching.

, The trim should be made from black, brown or red leather. The seams should be straight and well stitched. Any uneven lines or seams are usually signs of replica Burberry handbags.

, Burberry lining comes in canvas, suede and Signature fabric. Watch out for shoddy stitching and assembly of cheap lining materials.

, Be very suspicious of Burberry purses that don¨t have a leather or metal tag that reads "Burberry London" on the interior. The tag's color should match the interior lining color. Also, look for a "Made in Italy" tag. Most Burberry products are made in Italy, although they do have an office in China now.

, The hardware comes in two different colors; silver-toned and gold-toned. The hardware color and the embossing color on the inside leather tag must match.

, Burberry handbags have outside metal zippers exclusively from manufacturers RIRI or YKK, and it should be imprinted with `Burberry¨ on both sides.

, Don't rely on things like certificates of authentication. They can be easily copied.

, If you see that a seller or retailer is using stock photos (cut and paste pictures from the Burberry website), insist the seller provide you with pictures of the actual item for sale. Request large, clear pictures that include up-close stitching interior lining and hardware. Watch out for blurry pictures.

, When purchasing Burberry handbags online, purchase from a reputable dealer.