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Tiffany & Co. has been the world's premier jeweler and America's house of design since 1837. Shop creations of timeless beauty

Tiffany & Co

- Witness the eternal history

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Tiffany will always be free, noble and romantic symbol. It's a perfect masterpiece of classic design and each piece is stunning fine art and noble quality of the crystal. Even more commendable is that Tiffany's design never meet the so-called fashion, but completely beyond the trend. It is designed not only contains the essence of traditional Western culture, but also brought out their own unique American characteristic, simple and clear, reflecting Americans born forthright, optimistic, romantic and witty.

Brand Story >>

In New York, if anyone received a gift of a named Tiffany Blue Box will feel extremely glory. The reason is very simple, it is the quality and innovative design are unparalleled boutique box. See the emerald blue gift box, it will reminiscent of elegant and expensive rare qualities.

1837, Charles Louis Tiffany (Charles Louis Tiffany) in Manhattan venture, the sale of goods that is all marked "iron price Fuji", to highlight the value of quality Tiffany products.

Tiffany volunteer is to create souvenirs have eternal value. Tiffany, the best design is constantly updated via the interpretation of past experience both classical and modern innovative design, excellent designers around the world to design boutique, its original spirit behind always give people enduring new feeling. Tiffany's products in harmony, symmetry and regularity of the faith, adhere to the tradition of quality and elegant taste.

Tiffany adhere to witness history, "witness every important moment in your life" concept. Let assume the role of Tiffany products record of history, it is Tiffany's wish: in 1805, the first transatlantic cable laying is completed, Tiffany has launched four inches long cable souvenirs. 1885, the U.S. government commissioned Tiffany & Co. to redesign the Great Seal, so Tiffany get huge honor.

This has diamonds, said the authority of the brand, the Head of State who tailor-made jewelry and more. There royals 23 countries became Tiffany's customers, the British Queen Victoria, Tsar of Russia, President of Egypt, the Persian king and Italy, Dan table, Belgium and Greece are the emperor enamored of Tiffany. Tiffany has become the U.S. high society with the election of fine jewelery and fun "compulsory." 1950 Hollywood launch of Tiffany New York headquarters as the background of the classic card "Tiffany's Breakfast" (Breakfast at Tiffany's), leaving Difunimeng on a strong legendary.

1878, Tiffany purchased for $ 18,000 at the time the world's largest, with a total weight of 287.41 kt yellow diamonds, cutting and grinding become rare, 90 facets Tiffany Diamond, than the traditional multi-faceted diamonds even more 32 facets. Tiffany Diamond occasional appearances in the international arena, each have become the focus of attention, a hundred years, the pieces have been on display on the first floor Juzuan New York City's Fifth Avenue headquarters of Tiffany, Tiffany & Co. has become the highest standards of quality and excellence in technology flag.

Today, major museums around the world, the pursuit of high style and discerning collectors who are considered to be works of Tiffany collection. Tiffany known as the United States Chanticleer design of the door and the premier jeweler, it is well-deserved reputation.

Tiffany is a classic brand rather than the fashion brand, which is positioned in the most explicit Tiffany is also very delicate place. Classic can stand the test of time, lasting and among the people throughout life.

Brand Appreciation >>

Tiffany said: Let me witness every important moment in your life; let me be the temple's marriage; because important to you, so send your Tiffany; Tiffany is ongoing happiness and emotion.

Carrying nearly 170 years of reputation, Tiffany's road to fortune, but it is the simple phrase, "good design is good business nature."

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