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Christian Louboutin is known for being a designer of shoes. The red soles of the high heels are totally adored by a lot of women in different parts of the globe. It became known as, what Oprah had said, ¡¡ãpieces of art¡¡À. What make these truly stand out is the fact that it makes a woman feel even more feminine, and look even more elegant. The inspiration of making the sole colored red originated from the African and Ocean Art Museum. There, a lot of the paintings show women wearing high-heeled shoes with soles that are color red. In Paris, in the year 1963, Christian Louboutin was born to a family of carpenters. He had a lot of siblings. When he was sixteen years of age, he was tasked to be an apprentice in the shoe factory. In 1992, he established his very own brand, Christian Louboutin. By 1994, he was able to establish a store at New York. Now, there are about 46 different countries that offer the products of Louboutin, like for instance the handbags.

Even if the main business of Louboutin is actually focused on shoes, there have been a lot of requests coming from the clients, and that is why, he began to design bags that are as great as the designs of the shoes. The materials used for every Louboutin bag actually varies, like for instance, materials like leather or canvas are utilized. A bag that is considered to be popular is the Studio 54 bag, and other popular products of Louboutin include the purse, the tote bags, Louboutin¡¯s Alpaca Satchel, as well as the Loubinette. Louboutin handbags. However, if you would like to check on discounts of different items from Louboutin handbags collection, then you may actually go ahead and check the website to see which are actually on sale, at the same time, you may also get to see which items may be bought for wholesale.

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